LONDON: The leaders of two of Britain’s most important organisations, Turquoise Mountain and British Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BACCI) have agreed to collaborate to boost Afghanistan’s trade and craftsmanship.

In a meeting in London, Shoshana Stewart, CEO of Turquoise Mountain, Dr Mohammad Hotak, Chairman of BACCI and John Bennet, Director of BACCI agreed to work strategically to achieve their shared goals of helping the people of Afghanistan.

The leaders of the two organisations discussed their unique organisational strategies and important competitive advantages, which if pooled together can provide great synergy and create a lot of mutual value for both organisations, their stakeholders and Afghanistan.

Turquoise Mountain does incredible work in Afghanistan. Established by HRH Prince Charles of Great Britain as a nonprofit organisation, it preserves and revives traditional crafts, to create jobs, skills and a renewed sense of pride.

BACCI, on the hand is Britain’s leading and oldest business chamber when it comes to trade, investment and business with Afghanistan. It chairs the federation of European Afghan Chambers and its Buy From Afghanistan initiative is the biggest private sector trade program in Europe.

The leaders of BACCI and Turquoise Mountain agreed on the extremely difficult circumstances that Afghanistan and its people face, and committed to doing what ever they can to give people skills, create jobs and increase the countries exports.