LONDON: This year’s Ramadan was a difficult and unique time for personal reflection, family and charity with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic facing the world. But today Eid al-Fitr proved to be a blessing for the people of Afghanistan both at home and abroad.

Last week’s agreement between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah was a welcome news for the Afghan people as they agreed on forming an inclusive government to work for peace and fight the covid-19 pandemic.

Then last night’s announcement by Taliban and Afghanistan’s government to hold a three-day ceasefire on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr was just the blessing the people of Afghanistan were waiting for.

Speaking to Afghan Diaspora Magazine, Dr Mohammad Hotak, Chairman of World Afghan Congress said;

I want to send my warmest Eid al-Fitr wishes to the Afghan people in every corner of the world. I hope you have a beautiful time with your loved ones and in peace. This Eid is a difficult one because of the challenges our society faces due to Covid-19 but also a special one because we had an announcement for ceasefire between Taliban and the government of Afghanistan. Please stay safe when celebrating.

He added “I want our people to come together and unite for the greater good of the society. Our world faces far greater challenges than humanity fighting each other. I admire Dr Ghani and Dr Abdullah to have come to an agreement on forming an inclusive government and commend the efforts of elders, Hamid Karzai, Ustad Sayaf, Karim Khalili and others to have made the deal possible between them. Last but not the least, I urge Taliban leadership to turn the three-day ceasefire for a lifelong one for the sake of our people.”

Afghanistan faces many challenges with the ongoing war, poverty and covid-19. We hope for peace and reconciliation today on the occasion of the blessed day of Eid to prevail for the common good of our people for ever to give our people a fair chance in life and a better future for our children.