LONDON: World Afghan Congress and British Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BACCI) in collaboration with the Euro – Afghan Chamber of Commerce (EACC), Afghan Business Association UK, Afghanistan Enterprise Council and SMEs in Afghanistan have launched the Buy From Afghanistan initiative to help boost Afghanistan trade and export as well as encourage European, American and Asian businesses to import from Afghanistan.

World Afghan Congress has partnered up with BACCI to promote, lobby for and support the Trade Not Aid: Buy from Afghanistan initiative based on its shared belief that ‘Donations Don’t Build Nations’.

The initiative aims to mobilise global citizens to play their role in rebuilding Afghanistan through promotion and purchase of Afghan products at a time when aid money from Europe and America has failed to deliver results and filled the pockets of corrupt officials compromising Afghanistan’s stability and increasing resentment against donor nations in Afghanistan.

British Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Afghanistan is a country rich in agricultural, mineral and industrial commodities. These commodities have a huge demand in the modern socially responsible markets of developed countries such in Europe, America and Asia.

British Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

BACCI and World Afghan Congress are working to support Afghanistan’s Carpet, Saffron, Dried Fruits and Nuts and Gemstones industry by providing direct marketing and access to international markets.

We foster and facilitate an entire ecosystem for trade to take place from bringing together international quality and quantity assurance companies, to banks for payments processing and guarantees, product sampling facilitation, marketing and international courier delivery services firms.